Mold Testing

Do you have a strange smell or offending odor in a basement, closet or bedroom? If so there is a possibility that it is due to mold of some kind. Have your home checked for mold, mold spores and the moisture that causes them to grow. Mold causes damage to the building structure that will be more expensive to repair as time passes. It may also affect the occupants of the home. So don't let mold go undiscovered. Find it now. 

We will visually inspect the suspect areas and develop a testing plan specific for your need. We will then take the necessary samples, and using a moisture meter along with thermographic imaging technology determine the origin of the problem and recommend corrections.

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible gas that seeps out of the ground, it is a product of Uranium decay in the Earth. When it is concentrated in a living space it can become hazardous for the home's occupants. It is estimated between 15,000 to 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year can be attributed to radon and its byproducts. People who smoke and are exposed to hazardous concentrations are at even higher risk. Several counties in Middle Tennessee are considered to be high in radon gas. 

Getting your home tested is necessary in order to find out the risk to your family. When getting tested it is important to note that single reading one day tests are insufficient to determine actual exposure as the amount of radon in a home will vary day to day and week to week. If your test is on a single day and the radon concentrations are low, than there may be days when the levels are much higher. A much longer test period will give more accurate results. So do not wait, get tested now.

TN Radon Map