Our inspections are based on a complete non-invasive visual examination using the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Standards of Practice. We also rely on our 25 years of experience in the building trades and a thorough understanding of building science to evaluate any concerns. We are not there to make cosmetic evaluations. (We don't care what color the paint is, just what condition it is in.) Our goal is to best serve the needs of our client.


At JCM we believe in using all of the tools at our disposal to provide you with a thorough inspection. All of our inspections include an infrared thermal scan    to help discover unseen issues, such as the toilet seal beginning to leak, or hidden moisture penetration from the outside. Also with every inspection whenever possible, we use a drone to view the entire property and structure. This enables us to identify problems in difficult to access or inaccessible areas.


Your report comes to you in an easy to view format loaded with images that describe your home in detail from a professional point of view. It is also available as a PDF to view or print if you like.


Types of Inspections

Our Home Inspection                     Commercial Property Inspections

Pre-listing Inspection                    Final New Construction Inspection

11 Month Warranty Inspection          Mold and Moisture Intrusion Inspection

Radon Detection Inspection